The first stage / start 23th January 2023
"Happiness is
to be yourself"
Have you noticed that some people get all at once and get a lot of opportunities? And other people never achieve their goals...

Do you put your child, husband or parents in the first place instead of yourself? Do you change your plans and try to help when they feel bad? And then feel exhausted after?

Do you give your love and energy to tother and have nothing in return?

Do you make money fast but also spend fast? Or make it too hard? Do you realize that money energy affects by your inner state?

Why so? Why other people use your time and energy, and you let them use it?
Are you afraid to say NO if you don't want to do something?

Are you afraid to offend others and feel lonely?

You don't trust to the Creator of the Universe?

Do you think that self-love is selfish?


You will be able to fulfill any of your dreams and the most ambitious goal,if you hear and listen to yourself, you have energy and resources, and you have a lot of personal power based on self-love
This is a course about the accumulation of the energy of personal power!

You will learn the ways to accumulate energy and learn how to use it correctly. At the training, you will see and understand where you drain energy, and why you are not using your strength. You will see the "holes" , and will be able to eliminate these "leaks" and keep all your power.

You will be able to understand yourself, understand and share your true goals. You'll learn how to to distinguish a true inner voice and false voices within yourself. You will make a list of areas that you need to work on to achieve your true goals. You will discover a whole new way of achieving results.

At the training, you will learn to say "no" to other people, stop sacrificing yourself and start choosing yourself. You will get to know yourself from the inside, streamline your thoughts and increase your awareness.

The training is for people who are ready to change, strive for constant self-development, do not stop at the achieved results, and are open to new methods for managing life. The techniques, meditations, and practices of this training are a universal tool you can use both in business and in relationship. It could be your power for many years.
The training consists of 3 modules
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