STYLY academy by Mayya Hess
is an international educational project for developing financial thinking, unlocking inner potential and self-realization, finding a life path and purpose, as well as harmony in relationships and within oneself
Styly academy

increased income
by 10 times
of coaching experience
5000+ hours
over 3000 clients
trusted by

100 successful Ukrainians (Ukraine 2019)
International motivation coach (Milan 2018)
Business woman of the year (Europe 2017)
Woman of the Year (Ukraine 2016)
Project of the year styly (Ukraine 2016)
Motivational coach
Business coach
Theta Healing practitioner

An influencer
more than 50 author's tours for specialists
in the beauty industry

• help to attain self-realization in a business;
• teach how to monetize your business
and increase income from 3 to 10 times;
• teach unique mindset transformation techniques to bring harmony and abundance into your life.

Expert in Family Constellations

Having experience with:

• debts, loans and financial growth,
both individually and in relationship;
• business processes;
• healing relationship;
• inner blocks;
• diseases and injuries;
• causes of infertility;
• dependence/codependence in relationship.

Degree in Economics
Metaphoric associative cards expert
MAC therapy in psychological practice

Providing effective Practices:

• to support life purpose;
• personal finances;
• relationships;
• to find new opportunities;
• to work through fears, phobias, neuroses and somatic problems;
• to work through addictions;
• to stop manipulation;
• to work through childhood traumas, attitudes, beliefs and patterns

Practitioner of kundalini and meditation

• to find the inner-self;
• to get an inner father's blessing to live a fulfilled life and earn money;
• we practise the initiations to break money blocks;
• we analyze the Scout and Defender archetypes
for activating the internal resources;
• deep work with the archetype "Breadwinner";
• recommendations on how to apply karmic management in your life;
• meditations that reveal the potential
and abundance.

Personal consultation
Personal coaching and coaching consultations
I'm Mayya Hess, economist, coach-therapist, theta-healing practitioner, and expert in Family Constellations, and with MAC cards. I help people to become self-fulfilled and feel confident in themselves.
Happiness is
to be yourself.
Unlimited Possibilities

The second stage
The first stage
Happiness is
to be yourself.
Energy of Personal Power
Financial abundance
The first stage
The second stage
Financial Magnet
start 23.01.23
start 23.01.23
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Terms and conditions:
The client is allowed to transfer payment in any way provided on the website. Services are provided by the terms determined at the courses and consultations. The client is allowed to take the course in any country in the world at a convenient time, having Internet access.

PE Leontyeva Maya Vladimirovna
ITN 2887805441

Legal and actual address:
Sofiyivska Borshchagovka, Academician Shalimov St., 69-a, apt. 106